Wagman Observatory Saturday, September 23, 2017 Star Party

You are invited to a Star Party at the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh’s  Wagman Observatory, Saturday, September 23, 2017, 7:15 PM

The Saturday, September 23,  Wagman Star Party starting about 7:15 PM EDT  creates an opportunity to view the Moon and the September Sky. Observe theThree Day Old  Moon along with the Hercules Cluster, the Ring Nebula and the Andromeda Galaxy  and much more.  Saturn,Uranus and Neptune will be available for observing.

This invitation to amateur astronomers, students and the general public is part of AAAP’s annual series of star parties occurring March – November at the Wagman and Mingo Observatories. These events are family friendly. There is no charge for these events, although donations are appreciated. Read more about Star Parties here.

Regardless of your experience or ability level you will be welcome to join the throng of avid sky watchers. Perhaps you have a telescope and do not know how to use it? Bring it along and members of the AAAP will help! Likewise if you are considering a telescope purchase or the addition of accessories, star charts and books Wagman is a good place to start. Members of the AAAP will help!

The Star Parties will be held WEATHER PERMITTING. The public should call 724-224-2510 for more information. The Nicholas E. Wagman Observatory is located in Deer Lakes Regional Park, Frazer Township, Pa., near the village of Russellton in northeastern Allegheny County and some 18 miles from Pittsburgh. Coordinates: Latitude 40.627 degrees N, Longitude 79.813 degrees W. Map and Directions under the About Tab at www.3ap.org and here.

Admission is free, though we gladly accept donations to cover the cost of operation. To reach Wagman Observatory, follow the Orange Belt (accessible from Routes 8 and 28) to Deer Lakes Park, near Russellton. Follow the road through the Park for 1.2 miles and turn left on to the Observatory grounds. Please use parking lights only when you drive through the gate.  In the observing rooms or near the outside telescopes please avoid use of bright lights: cell phones, white lights or flashlights, glow sticks, etc.  and especially no flash photograph. There is no smoking permitted anywhere on the site. Planning for next year? Wagman Observatory’s 2018 Star Party Dates have been published.

For updates, check back here and AAAP Facebook or phone the observatory, 724-224-2510,  the night of the event. Wagman Observatory Clear Sky Chart.


September 15 & 16, 2017 Mingo Star Parties

The Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh invites you to a Star Party at Mingo Creek Park Observatory Located in Mingo Creek Park, Mansion Hill Extension, past Shelter 10 in Washington County, PA. Phone #: 724-348-6150

Dates:  Friday and Saturday, September 15 & 16, 2017
Times:  Safe solar observing; 6:30 PM – Night sky observing; approximately 8:30 PM (Weather Permitting for observing).

Planetarium Presentations will occur rain or shine starting at 7:30 PM.

Come and learn about the Mingo Creek Park Observatory, the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh and astronomy in general. The evening events consist of the following:

* There will be safe observing of the Sun beginning approximately two hours before sunset through the 4” Lunt Hydrogen Alpha telescope.

* After dusk using both the 10” D & G Refractor and the 24” Optical Guidance Systems Reflector telescopes, observe the wonders of the April night sky. Some objects observed may include views of Jupiter and its moons, Mars and the craters of the Moon. Many deep sky objects may also be observed such as the Ring Nebula and other nebulae, clusters and double stars.

* Presentations about current events in astronomy and the Mingo Creek Park night sky will take place in the Richard Y. Haddad Planetarium at various times throughout the night.

The Mingo Creek Park Observatory is handicap accessible. There is no charge for your visit, but we gladly accept donations to cover operating expenses. There is no reservation needed and there is no limit on group sizes.

NOTE: Mingo Creek Park Observatory and its grounds, as a part of Mingo Creek County Park, are a no smoking and no alcohol permitted area.

Mingo Creek Park Observatory is operated by an all-volunteer staff of members of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh.
Becky Nichols
Mingo Creek Park Observatory

September 8, 2017 Monthly Meeting of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Feature Presentation: Quarks, Strings and Science Outreach for a Better Future by Dr. Patrick Cooper, Phd.

The 7:30 PM, September 8, AAAP Monthly Meeting will feature a talk titled: Quarks, Strings and Science Outreach for a Better Future by Dr. Patrick Cooper, Phd. assistant professor of physics, Duquesne University and co-founder of Community Forge . Dr. Cooper’s presentation will delve into his research which discusses the problem of understanding the mathematics behind the strong nuclear force, as well as studying aspects of string theory, potentially relevant to particle physics well below the scale of quantum gravity. After the science chat, he will move on to the important topic of science outreach in Pittsburgh where he will discuss his student’s recent eclipse trip, and current project of building a community center in Wilkinsburg to bring astronomy and science education to underserved communities.

Note the meeting will be on the regular night at the regular time but in a different location, the Wolfe Lecture Hall in the Bayer Science Building on the Duquesne University Campus, 600 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15282.  Google map  Bayer Hall is next to Mellon Hall on Bluff Street,  #17 on campus map.  Duquesne University Map   After 3PM on Fridays there is No Permit needed to park on campus. After 6PM street parking on campus is free. There is the Forbes Garage, #34 on the map, diagonally across campus, that charges a flat rate of $6.

Stay for the business meeting to hear reports with AAAP current activities and plans for more and observing tips for the month from John Holtz. In a Special Report:  AAAP’s Jim Surman will give a presentation on the Veteran’s Astronomy Project with  the Aspinwall VA Hospital.

Come out and see your AAAP friends and make new ones at this opportunity to hear an informative astronomy talk and hear about club activities. We have the room as early as 7PM, so arrive early and have some time to visit with others. The meeting free and open to the public. Updates here and on AAAP’s Facebook Page.

Save the Dates:  Next AAAP Monthly Meeting is Friday, October 6, 2017, Carnegie Science Center. The Annual Joint AAAP-SSP Meeting is Wednesday, October 11. 2017 at Duquesne University. Note in each of these cases these meetings are occurring a week earlier than usual.

 AAAP Observatory Star Party Schedules Downloads (2017) and Star Party Dates

2017 Wagman Observatory Schedule Remaining Dates: Sep 9 & 23; Oct 7 & 28; Nov4

2017 Mingo Creek Park Observatory Schedule   Remaining Dates: Sep 15 & 16; Oct 14 & 28; Nov 11

2018 Wagman and Mingo Star Party Dates