Buying a First Telescope?

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2014 AAAP Holiday Party/December Meeting – Information in the Website Protected Members Section – Login Required

Note that this meeting is limited to AAAP members and invited guests. Happy Holidays!

Winners of the 2014 Kevin J. Brunelle Astrophotography Contest

AAAP President Announces the Winning Entries in the 2014 Brunelle Atrophotography Contest*

If you missed Friday’s meeting, you missed some great photographs in the 2014 Kevin J. Brunelle Astrophotography Contest. Judging from the scores, the 45 members who voted had a difficult time choosing their favorites! Read more

AAAP Congratulates Bill Snyder, Winning 8th APOD November 6, 2014 Cave Nebula

APOD November 6, 2014 by AAAP Member Bill Snyder

Cave Nebula – APOD of  November 6, 2014  by AAAP Member Bill Snyder

The Cave Nebula Sh2-155 or Caldwell 9,  is in the constellation Cepheus. It is approximately 2400 light years away, and 35 light years across. Read more