Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh 2015 Star Party Schedule

The Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh is pleased to invite you to the Wagman Observatory and to the Mingo Creek County Park Observatory for 2015 Star Party Season.

Date Mingo      Wagman
March 27, 28 Yes                                                      Yes
April 24, 25 Yes                                                       Yes
May 22, 23 Yes                                                       Yes
June 19, 20 Yes                                                       Yes
July 24, 25 Yes                                                       Yes
Aug 14, 15 10th Anniversary No star party
Aug 21, 22 No star party Yes
Sep 5  Dark Sky (late moonrise) Yes                                                       Yes
Sep 19 Yes                                                       Yes
Sep 27  Lunar Eclipse (Sunday night) Yes                                                       Yes
Oct 3  Dark Sky (late moonrise) Yes                                                       Yes
Oct 17 Yes                                                       Yes
Nov 7 No star party Mid-Autumn Star Party
Nov 14 Bundle-up Star Party No star party

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Range Resources hydraulic fracturing presentation

Since drilling near AAAP observatories is a concern, Range Resources has this presentation that provides information about their processes.
Range Resources 2014

AAAP Invites the Public November 29, 2014 Bundle Up Starfest Mingo Observatory

Enjoy rare opportunity to view Late Autumn sky with the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh at the Mingo Observatory Bundle Up Starfest, Saturday, November 29,2014. Read more

CANCELLED November 1, 2014 Wagman Star Party

Cancelled due to weather.

See large clusters of stars, beautiful colored double stars, visit the craters of the moon and view the planets Uranus and Neptune. It’s all part of the show during Mid-Autumn November Star Party sponsored by the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh. It’s the last scheduled public event for 2014 at Wagman Observatory. Read more

AAAP and Partial Solar Eclipse of October 23, 2014


The AAAP shared the eclipse at Wagman Observatory and at various locations around the Greater Ptttsburgh Region and beyond.  From Wagman Observatory for the eclipse member Matt Jones made this 10 frames per second time lapse video you may enjoy.

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