Mason-Dixon Line 250th Anniversary Star Party

Mason-Dixon Line 250th Anniversary Star Party
Contact Pete Zapadka

Solar Eclipse Presentation at Cooper-Siegel Community Library

Presentation on the upcoming solar eclipse.

Contact Fred Klein for more info.

Punxsutawney Star Party

It is about 100 people getting together for an event for trappers. Punxsy is a pretty dark place if you aren’t right under the lights. If you contact him directly let me know, too. Thanks.

Contact Don Powell (the event organizer)
Cell – 814-541-7746
Work – 814-938-7416

Ken Coles

Moraine State Park Star Party

Contact Bill Moutz for details

Monroeville Library Star Party

Monroeville Library Star Party. Starts at sunset (about 7:30) on Friday September 29 with cloud date Saturday September 30.

The moon will be more than half full, Saturn will be in a good position and Jupiter sets shortly after sunset. Other stars, star clusters, and nebula will be visible.

As before, the party will be on the ball field behind Ramsey Elementary School at 2200 Ramsey Rd, Monroeville, PA 15146. Volunteers can pull up to the fence to unload, but please park in the main parking lot.

AAAP Volunteers should contact Fred K. who is organizing this event.

Astronomy Lecture at State Street Elementary School

Fred Klein and Frank Pastin will be giving the “What YOU Can See of the Solar System” lecture and Q&A to two groups of 5th graders at State Street Elementary School. This is a private event and is not open to the public.

-Fred Klein (05/2017)