2014 Kevin J. Brunelle Photography Contest Winners:


Atmospheric Category

1st place – Nebular Lightning (Eric Fischer)

2nd place – Pegasus #1 with Sundog (Nick Martch)

3rd place – Sunset (Devon Yorkshire)

Stellar Category

1st place – Cluster & Galaxy Pairing In Cepheus (Frank Wielgus)

2nd place – Rho Ophiuchi Mosaic (Matthew Dieterich)

3rd place – Imaging under the Clouded Milky Way (Matthew Dieterich)

Lunar / Planetary / Solar Category

1st place – Saturn & 5 Moons (Chuck Manges)

2nd place – Blood Moon (Mark Arelt)

3rd place (tie) – Jupiter, Io, Ganymede 03-24-14 (Chuck Manges)
3rd place (tie) – Mars 04-11-14 (Chuck Manges)

Nebula Category

1st place – Pickering’s Triangle (Frank Wielgus)

2nd place – Rosette Nebula (Chuck Manges)

3rd place – NGC 6960, Veil Nebula (Chuck Manges)

Galaxy Category

1st place – Draco Galaxy Trio (Frank Wielgus)

2nd place – M51 (Frank Wielgus)

3rd place – M33-STT (Fred Klein)

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone who submitted photos. Click to download and view a presentation of all of the winners and entries.