Wagman – 8/14/2014 Super Transparent – By Nate Brandt

Thursday night at Wagman was one of the most transparent nights I’ve ever seen at Wagman.  The MW was easily visible and dipping further into the south than usual.  I took a few pictures around the observatory to try and show how nice the view was.


Nate Brandt

Crater Neper from Wagman Observatory – By Nate Brandt

Crater Neper - By Nate Brandt

Crater Neper – By Nate Brandt


08/10/2014 – During a full moon night at Wagman Observatory I decided to play with the Brashear Refractor and determine requirements for extension tubes and other adapters to reach focus with a small chip high speed, webcam like, imaging camera for lunar and planetary imaging.  As luck would have it, Read more

IC5068 in Cygnus


IC5068 – By Bill Snyder

Hi all! This my image of IC5068 in Cygnus. I saw this image Read more