2016 Kevin J. Brunelle Photography Contest Winners:


Atmospheric Category

1st place – Lunar Departure (Michael Lincoln)

2nd place – August Lightning Storm (Chuck Manges)

3rd place – reflection of sunset (Mike Christeson)


Stellar Category

1st place – Milky Way and Sprite (Michael Lincoln)

2nd place (tie) – Center of Milky Way_Part of Sagittarius and Ophiuchus (Alexis Kwasinski)
2nd place (tie) – Scorpio holding Mars in its claws and some faint airglow (Alexis Kwasinski)

3rd place – M45 Pleiades star cluster (Alexis Kwasinski)


Solar System Category

1st place (tie) – Solar Prominence 6-14-16 (Chuck Manges)
1st place (tie) – Jupiter_Callisto with teardrop effect and shadow_Europa_Io (Alexis Kwasinski)

2nd place – Saturn-7-22-16 (Chuck Manges)

3rd place (tie) – Mars 6-8-16 2300 ET Valles Marineris & Acidalia Planitia (Alexis Kwasinski)
3rd place (tie) – Solar Plane (Mike Christeson)


Nebula Category

1st place – Horsehead and Flame Nebulas (#1) (Frank Wielgus)

2nd place (tie) – Rho Ophiuchi Nebula (Chuck Manges)
2nd place (tie) – Orion and Running Man nebulae (Alexis Kwasinski)

3rd place (tie) – Lagoon and Trifid nebulae (Alexis Kwasinski)
3rd place (tie) – Eagle Nebula (#2) (Frank Wielgus)
3rd place (tie) – The Bubble (#2) (Nate Brandt)


Galaxy Category

1st place – M31 Andromeda Galaxy (#1) (Alexis Kwasinski)

2nd place – The Leo Triplet (#1) (Nate Brandt)

3rd place – M33 Triangulum Galaxy (#1) (Chuck Manges)


Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone who submitted photos. Click to download and view a presentation of all of the winners and entries.