2017 Kevin J. Brunelle Photography Contest Winners:


Eclipse Category

1st place – Flares and Beads (Nate Brandt)

2nd place – Totality (#2) (Nate Brandt)

3rd place (tie) – Solar Corona (Alexis Kwasinski)
3rd place (tie) – Solar Eclipse Earthshine (Chuck Manges)


Earth & Sky Category

1st place – Galatic Reflections (Mike Lincoln)

2nd place – Elements of the Universe (Mike Lincoln)

3rd place – Fireflies and Star Trails (Mike Lincoln)


Atmospheric Category

1st place – Electric Sky (Mike Lincoln)

2nd place – Aurora in May (Alexis Kwasinski)

3rd place (tie) – Moondog, Manka, Pleiades (Mike Miller)
3rd place (tie) – Mountain Sunset (Mike Lincoln)


Stellar Category

1st place – Milky Way Center (Chuck Manges)

2nd place – Milky Way 04-27-2017 (Chuck Manges)

3rd place – M13 and NGC6207 (Alexis Kwasinski)


Solar System Category

1st place – Comet 41P, Galaxy M108, and Owl Planetary Nebula (Alexis Kwasinski)

2nd place – Jupiter 2017-02-06 (Chuck Manges)

3rd place (tie) – HDR Moon (Mike Miller)
3rd place (tie) – Moon Crater Clavius (Chuck Manges)


Nebula Category

1st place – Horsehead Closeup (Chuck Manges)

2nd place – M42 (Chuck Manges)

3rd place (tie) – Helix Nebula (Alexis Kwasinski)
3rd place (tie) – The Dark Shark (Nate Brandt)
3rd place (tie) – Heart Nebula (Chuck Mages)


Galaxy Category

1st place – M31 and Companions M32 and M110 (#3) (Alexis Kwasinski)

2nd place (tie) – M81 Bodes Nebula (Nate Brandt)

2nd place (tie) – M33 (#2) (Chuck Manges)

3rd place – Fireworks Galaxy (Fred Klein)


Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone who submitted photos. Click to download and view a presentation of all of the winners and entries.