AAAP Congratulates Bill Snyder, Winning 8th APOD November 6, 2014 Cave Nebula

APOD November 6, 2014 by AAAP Member Bill Snyder

Cave Nebula – APOD of  November 6, 2014  by AAAP Member Bill Snyder

The Cave Nebula Sh2-155 or Caldwell 9,  is in the constellation Cepheus. It is approximately 2400 light years away, and 35 light years across. It is a dim, and diffuse bright nebula, within a larger nebula complex containing reflection, emission,  and dark nebulosity. This rendering is a narrowband image containing 15.5 hrs of Ha OIII SII and also Luminance added in the amount of 6.5 hrs. Total exposure time 22hrs .

Congratulations to AAAP Member Bill Snyder on his glorious astrophotpgraph of the Cave Nebula, the NASA APOD of November 6, 2014!

This Bill’s  8th APOD.

NASA  APOD November 6, 2014 Cave Nebula

Link to Cave Nebula on Bill’s Website:    Cave Nebula by Bill Snyder APOD November 6, 2014

Please scroll through earlier posts for more on Bill’s Astrophotography accomplishments and check back here  for updates on this post and at AAAP’s Facebook page.

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