Winners of the 2014 Kevin J. Brunelle Astrophotography Contest

AAAP President Announces the Winning Entries in the 2014 Brunelle Atrophotography Contest*

If you missed Friday’s meeting, you missed some great photographs in the 2014 Kevin J. Brunelle Astrophotography Contest. Judging from the scores, the 45 members who voted had a difficult time choosing their favorites!

Here are the results. The photos will be published in the December Guide Star, Facebook, and the website.

Atmospheric Category
First Place: Nebular Lightning by Eric Fischer
Second Place: Pegasus #1 with Sundog by Nick Martch
Third Place: Sunset by Devon Yorkshire
Stellar Category:
First Place: Cluster & Galaxy Pairing In Cepheus by Frank Wielgus
Second Place: Rho Ophiuchi Mosaic by Matthew Dieterich
Third Place: Imaging under the Clouded Milky Way by Matthew Dieterich
Lunar / Planetary / Solar Category:
First Place: Saturn & 5 Moons by Chuck Manges
Second Place: Blood Moon by Mark Arelt
Third Place (tie): Jupiter, Io, Ganymede 3-24-14 by Chuck Manges Mars 4-11-14 by Chuck Manges
Nebula Category:
First Place: Pickering’s Triangle by Frank Wielgus
Second Place: Rosette Nebula by Chuck Manges
Third Place: NGC 6960, Veil Nebula by Chuck Manges
Galaxy Category:
First Place: Draco Galaxy Trio by Frank Wielgus
Second Place: M51 by Frank Wielgus
Third Place: M33-STT by Fred Klein

Thanks to the 17 members who submitted images for the contest: Bill Hayeslip, Chuck Manges, Dave Pensenstadler, Devon Yorkshire, Eric Fischer, Frank Wielgus, Fred Klein, Mark Arelt, Matthew Dieterich, Matthew Jones, Michael Christeson, Michael Markiw III, Mike Christeson, Mike Miller,Nate Brandt, Nick Martch, Rich McLaughlin
Special thanks to Chris Mullin, Dave Conte, and Mary DeVaughn for helping to count the votes.


John Holtz
President Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh

To be updated when photos become available. Meanwhile, the KJB 2013 Winners are here:

Images available on Facebook:

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