Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh 2015 Star Party Schedule

The Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh is pleased to invite you to the Wagman Observatory and to the Mingo Creek County Park Observatory for 2015 Star Party Season.

Date Mingo      Wagman
March 27, 28 Yes                                                      Yes
April 24, 25 Yes                                                       Yes
May 22, 23 Yes                                                       Yes
June 19, 20 Yes                                                       Yes
July 24, 25 Yes                                                       Yes
Aug 14, 15 10th Anniversary No star party
Aug 21, 22 No star party Yes
Sep 5  Dark Sky (late moonrise) Yes                                                       Yes
Sep 19 Yes                                                       Yes
Sep 27  Lunar Eclipse (Sunday night) Yes                                                       Yes
Oct 3  Dark Sky (late moonrise) Yes                                                       Yes
Oct 17 Yes                                                       Yes
Nov 7 No star party Mid-Autumn Star Party
Nov 14 Bundle-up Star Party No star party

Saxonburg Bridge Detour For Visitors to Wagman Observatory:

Driving North on Saxonburg Blvd, make a right turn onto Rte 910.  Follow this until you reach the Emerling Park entrance and turn left onto Cove Run Road. The Emerling Ice Cream Stand is at that corner.
Follow Cove Run Road to the second left, which is Mill Dam Road.  Stay on Mill Dam Road until it ends and turn left onto Rich Hill/ Union Road.  Stay on it until the you reach the intersection with Michael (Nursery) Road.  Turn right onto it an take your usual route to Wagman Observatory.  This adds 0.9 miles onto your normal trip.
Second choice:  Make at left onto Rte 910 and follow it until Campbell Road on your right.  Turn here and stay on it until You see the sign for Russellton-Dorseyville Road on your left.  Turn here and it takes you to the intersection of Saxonburg Blvd and Russellton-Dorseyville Road.  Just follow your regular route from here.  This detour might be easier to follow.  I don’t know what condition it’s in, but I do know that Cove Run and Mill Dam Roads aren’t in great condition, unless they made improvements since the last bridge closure.
This adds 2.1 miles.
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