Experience Electrical Interruption Today? … Sunspot 2371.

Sunspot 2371

Sunspot 2371


Aurora Possible Wednesday evening:

The coronal mass ejection that erupted June 22 in conjunction with the R2 solar flare has been modeled and arrival is expected June 24 at 2300 UT

If you experienced electrial interruption Tuesday it might have been Sunspot AR2371 . Read more

Early Evening Near Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, June, into Early July 2015

Jaw-dropping near conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in June, espceially in late June and into early July.  June 30 and July 1 it will be especially dramatic. Read more

AAAP Mingo Star Party and Wagman Star Party On Both Friday, June 19 and Saturday,June 20, 2015 ~~~Wagman Friday June 19 Star Party Is Cancelled~~~ ~~~Wagman Saturday June 20 Star Party Is Cancelled~~~

Please join the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh on Friday and Saturday, June 19 and 20, 2015 at the Wagman Observatory and the Mingo Observatory as we open our buildings and grounds to the the public for June Star Parties. Read more