October 9, 2015 , 7:30 PM, Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh General Meeting at Carnegie Science Center

Amateur Astronomers Association Monthly Meetings will meet 7:30 PM, Friday, October 9, 2015 at the Science Stage, Carnegie Science Center, One Allegheny Ave.Pittsburgh, PA 15212  promptly at 7:30 pm. The parking fee is $5 at the inside lobby kiosk. It is recommended to enter and exit through the same gate.

From the Guide Star:
Bill Roemer Dives Into Black Holes at AAAP October 9 Club Meeting
Black holes are perhaps the most counterintuitive objects in the Universe: A dimensionless but unbelievably massive point in space where not even a beam of light can escape, where the laws of physics and flow of time breaks down, were you would be “Spaghettified” if you fell in, etc.
What better person to make Back Holes more comprehensible than our own Bill Roemer, former Director of Mingo Observatory and a frequent AAAP and public lecturer in astronomy. His talk, “Shedding Light On Black Holes”, takes place October 9, 2015, 7:30 pm at the Carnegie Science Center on Pittsburgh’s North Shore. Bill loves audience interaction with his lectures, so don’t hesitate to ask if a trip through a Black Hole could send you to a far corner of our Universe, or to a different universe, assuming you don’t get spaghettified in the process.
Note 1: If you haven’t been to the CSC in a long while, remember there is no longer a parking attendant at the entrance booth. You just grab a ticket out of the machine, pay inside at one of the ticket kiosks in the main lobby (near the gift shop), then use the validated ticket on your way out to raise the exit gate.
• Note 2: “Scope Give-Away” reminder by John Holtz: “Remember that you can enter the Telescope Give-Away just by attending the October 9 meeting. (See the September Guide Star for the initial announcement.) In addition to the 60 mm Unitron refractor, the winner (chosen at the December meeting) will get three carrying cases for the scope and eyepieces, more than a dozen eyepieces, 15 color and deep-sky filters, and more! If you want the complete detailed list, contact John Holtz at President@3ap.org
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