AAAP Monthly Meeting, 7:30 PM, November 13, 2015, Allegheny Observatory

From the Guide Star:

Sundogs to Supernova, Rainbows to Rigel,

Expect Vivid Images At KJB Photo Contest

Considering the often poor sky conditions in this area, it’s often amazing the AAAP’s astrophotographers obtain so many great celestial images. In fact, AAAP members now how to be ready at a moment’s notice when a rare “photo-op” appears in the night or daytime skies. This is so evident in the many fine photos posted to the AAAP Listserver, in the Guide Star, at the monthly meetings and on our Facebook page. Now it’s time to pick the “Best of the Best” images at the annual Kevin J. Brunelle Astrophotography Contest, which will be held November 13, 2015 at Allegheny Observatory (starting at 7:30 pm ). As in previous years, contest images will be presented in several basic categories (Galaxy, Stellar, Lunar, etc.), and each will be replayed several times to allow you to zero in on your picks. And don’t assume that you have already seen all of the images on the List, in the Guide Star, etc. Every year there are surprises, many of them award winners.
Meeting Tidbits:
• Since parking is limited at Allegheny Observatory, please consider car-pooling with your fellow AAAP members.
• Although unlikely, if a snow storm is in progress on meeting night, we may cancel the meeting and inform the membership of any backup plans to rerun the contest. This will be announced in a special edition of the Guide Star, on the Listserver and AAAP Facebook page.
• If you’ve never been to or fully toured Allegheny Observatory, the November 13 meeting is a good opportunity to take a quick tour of the facility as directed by AO staff members.
Finally, if you missed the November 1 deadline for submitting entries to this year’s contest, fret not. You can start taking images for the 2016 KJB contest starting November 14.


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