Astrophotgraphy and Possible Night Sky Viewing at David L. Lawrence Convention Center on Friday, April 22, 2016, 5PM – 9PM.

M51WhirlpoolGalaxy, Photo Credit Bill snyder

Above M51 Whirpool Galaxy, Photo Credit Bill Snyder

Astrophotography of award-winning AAAP astrophotogrphers Bill Snyder and Matt Dieterich will be shown at the Art and Arifact  Market, 5-9 PM, West Wing Lobby of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center as part of the 2nd Annual 2016 Pittsburgh Earth Day.  The Art and Artifact Market celebration in the Lobby is free and open to the public and includes an evening of music, a curated art exhibit featuring local artists, organic and handmade vendors and activities for all ages. Enjoy the sounds and grooves from the DJ Detour crew during the event!

Matt Dieterich Glacier Park Milky Way

Above Glacier Park Milky Way Photo Credit Matt Dieterich

AAAP members and officers attending the event will have the opportunity to enjoy the astrophotography and to share their enthusiasm for astronomy, the club and light pollution awareness. All interested members and the public are invited. Because of the venue change from the Hall to the Lobby which had a direct path to a river shore convocation area and possible clouds and rain on Friday, telescope volunteers are in the process of being released from their commitments for Friday night viewing.  If the weather changes
there may be an effort to share the sky Friday night.  The Sun sets after 8 PM and the April Near Full Moon Rises that night about a half hour later.  Venus is up until around 7 PM. Jupiter is overhead throughout the evening.   With the Sun setting late, the Near Full Moon rising early and the Pittsburgh lights skyline all but the brightest of objects (including the brightest of the peaking Lyrid meteors) will be out of view. Yet, there might be a spectacular April Near Full Moon Rise over the Pittsburgh Skyline at the culmination of the event.


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Respectfully submitted, Kathy DeSantis.

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