Kunkle Park Star Gazing Party – Saturday, July 2, 2016


A dark sky party with no interference from moonlight. See Saturn’s glorious rings and several of its moons, one of which, Titan, is larger than the planet Mercury. See storm clouds on Jupiter and several of its moons. See features on Mars, including its polar caps. Distant galaxies can be seen as small fuzzy objects, but star clusters in our Milky Way Galaxy are beautiful to view. Planetary nebulae, the remnants of exploded stars like our sun can be seen.

They are all part of the show during the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh’s FREE May Star Gazing Party at Kunkle Park, in Washington Township (south of Apollo). This star gazing party is scheduled for Saturday, July 2, starting at dusk, WEATHER PERMITTING.

Kunkle Park is located behind the Washington Township Municipal Building. For GPS users, that’s 285 Pine Run Church Road, Apollo, PA 15613. (Near the State Police barracks on Route 66.) GPS users can also insert the following coordinates: 40 degrees, 32.92 minutes north latitude, 79 degrees, 36.26 minutes west longitude.

Free of Charge
Contact Person – Terry Trees (724) 337-3231

You are also invited to visit on public nights at the Nicholas E Wagman Observatory, in Deer Lakes Park, Allegheny County. More than 60,000 people have visited the Observatory since its opening in 1987.

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