AAAP Announces 2017 Scholarship

The Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh announces the award of a scholarship in the amount $1,000.00.*

Objective: To promote and encourage the profession of astronomy. Must be enrolled and accepted to study astronomy, physics, or mathematics. This scholarship is limited to seniors presently enrolled in High Schools located in either Allegheny or Washington Counties of Pennsylvania. Award will be announced and winner notified by May 1, 2017. Deadline for submission: Postmarked by April 1, 2017

*This fund, administered by the AAAP, was initially made possible through the donation of an anonymous benefactor.

For additional information, please see the 2017 Scholarship page under the Resources section of this website.

The Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh, Inc. (AAAP) has promoted and popularized astronomy in western Pennsylvania for more than eighty-five years. It was founded by Leo Scanlon and Chester Roe in 1929. With over 500 members, it is one of the larger astronomy clubs in the nation.

The Association operates two well-equipped observatories located in Deer Lakes Park, Allegheny County and Mingo Creek Park, Washington County.

Education of the general public in the science and hobby of astronomy has always been a prime focus of the AAAP. Through public Star Parties at the Wagman and Mingo Observatories, members educate visitors in the skill of operating telescopes and how to interpret the night sky.

Our monthly meetings are held from September through May and are open to the public. Each meeting includes a featured speaker; upcoming celestial events such as meteor showers, comets, occultations, and rare planetary alignments; and observations and techniques so that all members may benefit from the experiences. Past speakers have presented widely varied topics, including meteorite hunting in Antarctica, cosmological modeling using supercomputers, and astrophotography with exotic equipment such as dry-ice cameras.

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