May 19 & 20, 2017 Mingo Star Parties,

The Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh

Invites you to a Star Party at

Mingo Creek Park Observatory

Located in Mingo Creek Park, Mansion Hill Extension, past Shelter 10

in Washington County, PA.

Phone #: 724-348-6150

Dates: Friday and Saturday, May 19 & 20

Times: Safe solar observing; 6:30 PM

Night sky observing; approximately 8:30 PM

Weather Permitting for Observing.

Planetarium Presentations occur rain or shine, starting at 7:30 PM.

This Event Is Free and Open to the Public.

Come and learn about the Mingo Creek Park Observatory, the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh and astronomy in general. The evening events consist of the following:

  • There will be safe observing of the Sun beginning approximately two hours before sunset through the 4” Lunt Hydrogen Alpha telescope.
  • After dusk using both the 10” D & G Refractor and the 24” Optical Guidance Systems Reflector telescopes, observe the wonders of the May night sky. Some objects observed may include views of Jupiter and its moons, Mars and the craters of the Moon. Many deep sky objects may also be observed such as the Ring Nebula and other nebulae, clusters and double stars.
  • Presentations about current events in astronomy and the Mingo Creek Park night sky will take place in the Richard Y. Haddad Planetarium at various times throughout the night. AAAP Vice-President Kathy DeSantis will be making a special presentation during the May Star Parties.

The Mingo Creek Park Observatory is handicap accessible. There is no charge for your visit, but we gladly accept donations to cover operating expenses. There is no reservation needed and there is no limit on group sizes.

NOTE: Mingo Creek Park Observatory and its grounds, as a part of Mingo Creek County Park, are a no smoking and no alcohol permitted area.

Mingo Creek Park Observatory is operated by an all-volunteer staff of members of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh.

Becky Nichols


Mingo Creek Park Observatory

Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh

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