Better Observing Techniques Classes at Wagman Observatory

Wagman Clear Sky Chart
Tuesday, October 14, 2014 Wagman Better Observing Techniques (formerly Starhopping) class is cancelled.
Monday, September 15, 2014 Wagman Better Observing Techniques(formerly Starhopping) class is cancelled, by Wagman Director Tom Reiland due to deteriorating conditions. 3:45PM 9/15/2014 Tuesday’s session September 16 is still scheduled.
Better Observing Techniques classes are scheduled Mondays and Tuesdays, Sept 15 and 16 and Oct 13 and 14 at Wagman Observatory. Classes begin at 7 PM.

Tulip Nebula – By Bill Snyder


Tulip Nebula- Bill Snyder

This is an image of the Tulip Nebula in Cygnus it is approximately 6000 light years away. Captured with 17in Planewave and SBIG STXL 11002 camera

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Cocoon Nebula – By Frank Wielgus

Cocoon Nebula - IC5146 -- in Cygnus Location: Cherry Springs, PA Equipment: Imaging Camera = ATIK 383L Camera Autoguiding Camera = Atik16IC via an OAG Telescope OTA = Tele Vue NP127is @f5.2 Mount = CGEM Home made cross filter Exposures = multiple 5 min. L and multiple 10 min. each RGB Software = Maxim DL and Photoshop CS5

Cocoon Nebula – IC5146 — in Cygnus
Location: Cherry Springs, PA
Equipment: Imaging Camera = ATIK 383L Camera | Autoguiding Camera = Atik16IC via an OAG | Telescope OTA = Tele Vue NP127is @f5.2 | Mount = CGEM | Home made cross filter | Exposures = multiple 5 min. L and multiple 10 min. each RGB | Software = Maxim DL and Photoshop CS5

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Wagman – 8/14/2014 Super Transparent – By Nate Brandt

Thursday night at Wagman was one of the most transparent nights I’ve ever seen at Wagman.  The MW was easily visible and dipping further into the south than usual.  I took a few pictures around the observatory to try and show how nice the view was.


Nate Brandt