Kunkle Park Star Gazing Party – Saturday, July 2, 2016


A dark sky party with no interference from moonlight. See Saturn’s glorious rings and several of its moons, one of which, Titan, is larger than the planet Mercury. See storm clouds on Jupiter and several of its moons. See features on Mars, including its polar caps. Distant galaxies can be seen as small fuzzy objects, but star clusters in our Milky Way Galaxy are beautiful to view. Planetary nebulae, the remnants of exploded stars like our sun can be seen.

They are all part of the show during the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh’s FREE May Star Gazing Party at Kunkle Park, in Washington Township (south of Apollo). This star gazing party is scheduled for Saturday, July 2, starting at dusk, WEATHER PERMITTING.

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Cosmic Happenings: Weekend of April 22-24, 2016


Lots of astronomy events are happening around town this weekend. Get out and enjoy some cosmic fun! For more details, visit our club calendar at: https://wp.3ap.org/calendar/