2017 AAAP Kevin J. Brunelle Astrophotography Contest Slide Show(s)

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who submitted photos and endeavored to make the contest possible.

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CANCELLED: Friday, June 28, 2017 Wagman Star Party

CANCELLED: Friday, June 28, 2017 Wagman Star Party

In the interest of safety the Friday, June 28, 2017 Wagman Star Party has been cancelled.  The possibility of flash flooding in the area, especially in nearby Russellton, during the evening hours is the main reason for this decision.  Factor in a soggy field and Thunderstorms around our facilities, it was the only choice to we can make.

Saturday night’s Wagman Star Party is still on at this 1PM, June 28, 2017 update.



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2018 Mingo Observatory Star Party Dates

 2018 Mingo Observatory Star Party Dates

April 21

May 11 & 12

June 8 & 9

July 20 & 21

Aug 11 & Aug 18

Sept 14 & 15

Oct 6 & Oct 20

Nov 3

Plan Ahead for 2018 Mingo Observatory Star Party Dates: The Star Parties will be held WEATHER PERMITTING. The public should call 724-348-6150 for more information. The Mingo Observatory, owned and operated by the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh is located in Mingo Creek County Park, Washington County, Nottingham Twp, PA. Coordinates: Latitude 40.211 degrees N, Longitude 80.020 degrees W.  Map and Directions under the About Tab at www.3ap.org .

Wagman Observatory Star Parties, Friday, June 30 and Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wagman Observatory Star Parties, Friday and Saturday, June 30 and July 1, 2017, 8:55 PM

See a region of space where stars are being born, catch a dazzling view of Jupiter in the evening sky and Saturn by 10:30 PM. Visit the craters of the moon and marvel at our Milky Way Galaxy’s finest planetary nebulae and star clusters and more with the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh at the AAAP’s  Wagman Observatory  June 30 and July 1  Star Parties.

This invitation to amateur astronomers, students and the general public is part of AAAP’s annual series of star parties occurring March – November at the Wagman and Mingo Observatories. There is no charge for these events, although donations are appreciated. Read more about Star Parties here.

These June 30 and July 1 Wagman Star Parties create an opportunity to view the June/July sky: Jupiter and several of its moons, followed by Saturn, its rings and some of its moons, our own Moon at First Quarter, the dazzling Hercules Cluster,  the Ring Nebula and much more.

Regardless of your experience or ability level you will be welcome to join the throng of avid sky watchers. Perhaps you have a telescope and do not know how to use it? Bring it along and members of the AAAP will help! Likewise if you are considering a telescope purchase or the addition of accessories, star charts and books Wagman is a good place to start. Members of the AAAP will help!

The Star Parties will be held WEATHER PERMITTING. The public should call 724-224-2510 for more information. The Nicholas E. Wagman Observatory is located in Deer Lakes Regional Park, Frazer Township, Pa., near the village of Russellton in northeastern Allegheny County and some 18 miles from Pittsburgh. Coordinates: Latitude 40.627 degrees N, Longitude 79.813 degrees W. Map and Directions under the About Tab at www.3ap.org and here.

Admission is free, though we gladly accept donations to cover the cost of operation. To reach Wagman Observatory, follow the Orange Belt (accessible from Routes 8 and 28) to Deer Lakes Park, near Russellton. Follow the road through the Park for 1.2 miles and turn left on to the Observatory grounds. Please use parking lights only when you drive through the gate.  In the observing rooms or near the outside telescopes please avoid use of bright lights: cell phones, white lights or flashlights, glow sticks, etc.  and especially no flash photograph. There is no smoking permitted anywhere on the site. Planning for next year? Wagman Observatory’s 2018 Star Party Dates have been published.

Note:  This weekend,  June 23 and 24 Mingo Observatory is holding star parties .


Respectfully submitted, Kathy DeSantis based heavily on the Press Release by Tom Reiland, Wagman Director.

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